About Us

HSINER CO., LTD. -- The Name of Quality & Value

The company was established in 1993 as a professional manufacturer of liquid silicone products and have been engaged in this field for more than 20 years.

Since 1996, we started exporting our products worldwide. Through our constant efforts, we have built up a good reputation in the local market and OEM/ODM businesses for both medical accessories and various silicone molding products. Suppling the best quality products and prompt services are our main aims.

In March 2006, we moved to a new factory building and our factory has been certified by ISO 13485 and GMP as a qualified manufacturer for medical equipment and it is the best guarantee to all our customers. It has 5 stories and 6,600 square meters total building area, with clean class 10K, 100K , and many more advanced facilities.

Future Prospect

Today's society is changing at an extremely fast-pace. We at HSINER have constantly strived in our professional field to offer the best quality products to satisfy our customers.

Taking care of patients' respiration and health is our main goal. We insist on this level of professionalism in order to satisfy our customers with the safest, most comfortable products.



Taking Care of Your Health

Being a respiratory care medical device manufacture, we have been dedicating in providing the best quality and most efficient respiratory care medical device as a contribution to human being healthcare task.

Insisting In High Quality Standards

We insist in making best quality medical devices as we believe quality is the key to survive in the market, we have been certified by GMP, ISO13485, products are approved by CE, FDA, these are the best guarantee to our customers.

Providing advantages to customers

Constantly striving in innovative new development, offering best quality with the most competitive price, prompt delivery are the advantages that we have been providing to our customers, with these elements, we have been growing together with our customers.